Denmark's Famous Lifestyle: How to Discover 'Hygge' in Copenhagen

Posted on Intrepid About Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish 'hygge' (pronounced 'HOOG-uh') is sweeping the world – everyone wants in on Denmark's famously convivial way of life. The Danish are the happiest people on the planet - even during long, dark winters – and it's all about hygge. So much so, hygge has actually been nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status. It might be the world's first UNESCO World Heritage… feeling.

Hygge has become a cultural phenomenon and buzzword. But translating hygge – and living it - isn't so simple. A hug? Mindfulness? Cozy?

BestTrip was in Copenhagen at the height of a hot summer in a pre-cruise trip before boarding our Seabourn cruise… and thanks to Copenhagen Urban Adventures, we discovered 'hygge' isn't just something you find indoors in winter. It happens year round, indoors and outdoors, with people, spaces and activities you love.