Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee... Ahhh

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If you were asked to name the top coffees of the world, would Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee be on your list? It should be.

When he brought a few Arabica coffee plants to the island in the early 1700's, it's unlikely that Jamaica's British Governor Sir Nicholas Lawes realized the phenomenon he was starting. The plants, which had been sent originally to Martinique by King Louis XV of France, would in time become a claim to fame for Jamaica. By the early 1800's the beverage they produced had already gained a reputation as one of the world's most coveted gourmet coffees.

Fast-forward to today, and Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the country's signature, premium, globally-known products. 

What is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee?

Your morning cup of joe is likely a blend of commodity-grade beans from multiple sources.  When you drink Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, it's not a blend.  It's pure, estate/single origin coffee. 

And like wine, 'terroir' counts.  So does hard work.

In eastern Jamaica, the Blue Mountains rise high into cool, misty air, peaking at 7,402 feet.  Above 5,500 feet, it's Forest Reserve. In a specified zone, from 3,000 feet up to the Forest Reserve, authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee thrives.

The altitude, the reduced sunlight due to forest cover, the cool air, the clouds, the rain, and volcanic soil all combine to make a dense bean that takes almost twice as long as many other regions' beans to mature.  They're hand-picked on steep slopes only at perfect ripeness, requiring pickers to return to the same plants to harvest again and again. Terroir plus high-touch production translates into a smooth, silky, complex, full-bodied, balanced, bright coffee with virtually no bitterness.

The Jamaican government protects the appellation globally, monitoring the growing region, bean quality, single-origin composition and taste before certifying authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

Where can you taste real BMC?

Of course you should try Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee at the source.  We recommend traveling into Jamaica's coffee producing areas, where, like wineries, coffee producing houses offer tours and tastings to the public. 

Take some home! Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee makes an excellent souvenir, allowing you to continue to savor your trip to Jamaica long after your tan has faded. (And don't forget gifts for your friends, family, house sitter… bags of BMC will make you everyone's favorite person.)

Rumor has it Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is the preferred java at Buckingham Palace and even the White House, so if you get invited for coffee at either of those famous homes, you can confirm if it's true.

Or you can buy it online from accredited authentic sellers.

Special mention:  BMC is used to make the liqueur Tia Maria, so, morning, noon, and nighttime, your day can be brightened by a taste of Jamaica's famous Blue Mountains.


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